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The Frustration of Inflexible Arrival and Departure Days




 The vast majority of cottage agencies and lodge parks offer their customers a holiday option of 3,4 or 7 nights. If you want 3 or 7 nights your holiday must start on a Friday and for 4 nights you'll have to arrive on a Monday. So if you can only come for 2, 5 or 6 nights you won't be able to book or you'll either be prevented from booking or have to pay a premium. The logic of this approach is to maximise occupancy by preventing gaps appearing between lets. In essence the seller is dictating to the customer when they can and can't take their well-earned break. 

Such booking restrictions should be ditched. Whenever possible customers should be given full flexibility of booking any 2 to 7 nights with no pre-set changeover days. In the current economic climate the trend is to take more frequent but shorter UK breaks and the self-catering sector need to respond to the challenge. More of us are self-employed and can only get away when our work flow allows. The aggregate rental an agent or owner will receive for accepting 2 x 3 night breaks rather than holding out for a full week will more than exceed the cost of the additional clean. For those agents and lodge park operators who are unwilling to move with the times, they'll lose even more sales to the likes of Airbnb. The wake-up call will be become louder and louder - change over your days !  


Nick House

House Nouse

4. June 2018 by Nick House

The Airbnb Revolution



The pros and cons of using Airbnb

Airbnb will be 10 years old in August 2018. Love or loathe them, the Company is here to stay and is currently valued at an incredible $30bn. Airbnb is obviously doing plenty of things right and seems to be winning the battle in the popularity stakes in UK over its portal rivals Holiday Lettings and Homeaway. The Company is also stealing a march over cottage agencies by pulling in property owners and sales.

Let’s have a look at what benefits Airbnb brings to table for the holiday buyer (guest) and property owner (the host).

The Guest


- Flexible arrival date

- Can stay for just 1 night

- Can be cheaper than booking a property through an agent


- Quality of furnishings between properties varies enormously

- Some photographs are poor

-Descriptions can be misleading

-Properties are not inspected and number of guest reviews can be small 

-The price of a property listed by an agent will be higher than they charge to their customers

- The nightly price is fixed and does not reduce for longer stays


The Host


- Lower commission charges than an agent

- Global visibility

- Control over availability and no commitment to handover large blocks of dates as there is with an agent


- Must be able to clean the property on any day of the week

- Greater risk of damage and misuse of property

- No personal contact with sales staff

In summary the option to use Airbnb and/or one of the other platforms can work very well indeed for those property owners who have already decided to manage their own lettings and not use an agent. On the other hand, should you be too busy to be fully involved in the process, then the higher cost of using an agent to generate bookings will be money well spent.

Nick House

House Nouse


4. June 2018 by Nick House